Companies that focus on employee wellness derive benefits like increased productivity, lower healthcare costs, and higher morale. Your organization can get these benefits by taking a few simple steps. Today’s post is by Dan Colgan, CEO of Rock Paper Team.

Here is a great article to share with your corporate clients and prospective corporate clients.  As a gym or club owner, you are in a perfect position to help them achieve these laudable goals.  And you should be doing all these things in your our club.

There are a number of ways corporations can implement a more holistic approach to wellness in their offices. Providing some healthy office snacks during meetings, or just to have in the breakroom, is a small, easy first step. Employees will appreciate the free snacks, and they’ll be more likely to reach for the apple or banana on the counter than to trek down to the vending machine for chips. Putting together a company team is a great way for coworkers to blow off steam and form relationships outside of work. Another good option is to invest in team building activities on a regular basis. There’s no limit to the types of wellness initiatives companies can take. Accountability groups, exercise “clubs,” gym memberships, regularly scheduled retreats and fun activities — wellness comes in many forms, and the more creative employers are with their offerings, the more involved employees will be and the more benefits companies can expect to see over time.

Source: 5 Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Employee Wellness