#5: The Law of Change
Although people resist change, it is this very change that keeps them
vibrant and interested in life.
• Members—as all people—tend to resist change.
• Change is essential to keeping people happy.
• New challenges, new looks, better ways to do established things, new
facilities and all the rest, keep members interested.
Important warning: orderly and planned change is key; not chaotic, pull-the-
rug-out confusion.
• Bad change is usually brought on by indecision and not working from
the facts.
• Good change is aimed at fulfilling the wants, needs and desires of the
majority of club members.
• People buy new cars, new clothes and toys—not so much because their
old ones are failing to do the job, but rather because they WANT a NEW
• Stay on the cutting edge and make innovation a part of your overall

And remember the 30 day rule.  Most people will accept most changes given some time to acclimate.