Client Testimonials



There isn’t a club in the world that wouldn’t benefit from being a CMS client.




John McCarthy

Executive Director, Past IHRSA


CLUBFIT has been a loyal CMS client since 2002. The fitness business is a complicated industry – CMS has the systems to separate those clubs who are successful from those who are not. We have adopted the CMS system in our organization with outstanding results.


David Hardy

President, Fitness Industry Council of Canada


CMS provides resources that produce results. Far too many in our industry find themselves struggling and don’t realize it’s due to a lack of systems. The CMS systems will create the success you’ve longed to see and the CMS family is a constant support. I can’t say enough good about the CMS Network. Realize there will be changes in your business, changes including more money and more time to do the things you want to do!!



Donna Krech

CEO, Victory Management


CMS has helped us completely systemize our club. The difference between CMS and other consultants we have used is that they are available to you at anytime. They don’t just give you ideas, but provide you with the support and materials needed to implement those ideas. They have been a great asset to our club.



Todd Mills

General Manger, Better Bodies Health Club


We started in the health club business back in 1984. For the first 5 years we really struggled to keep our heads above water. We went to all the trade shows and seminars and pieced together what we thought were the best parts of everything we learned, but it just wasn’t working. We were a few months away from closing for good when we finally called CMS. A consultant visited our club and got us started on the CMS systems. The great thing about the CMS systems is that they all worked together and eliminated the guess work. They provided a blueprint every element of the club to follow for the whole year. Between the marketing, sales, retention, and business systems, we had the club turned around in less than a year. We’ve been growing ever since. After being with them for 10 years, we decided we had learned all CMS had to offer and made the regrettable decision to leave CMS to try some other “consultants”. It took a few years of losing ground before we finally decided to go back to what we knew worked, and signed up as CMS clients again. It’s a decision we have never regretted. Thank you CMS.


John Wood

President, Final Results Fitness


Since teaming up with CMS over 3 years ago we have raised our monthly billing by $50,000 per month. That’s a 350% increase in revenues. Incredible! The systems and support that CMS provides club operators are by far the best in the industry.



John Langman & Johnnie West

Owners, Houston Gym


There are times that we all need help with business goals. It is reassuring when our advice comes from an expert that makes a living in our field. CMS is dedicated to improving the business lives of Independent Clubs in the Fitness Industry. For CMS success for Independent Clubs is their business and they are dedicated to succeeding.



John Urmston

CEO, S & F Insurance


We have worked with CMS since 1983.  In that time we have weathered many trends and fads in the fitness industry and grown our membership to 9300+ members and continue to show a continuing favorable profit margin. 

I contribute a great deal of our success to the guidance of CMS.  Their systems, marketing campaigns and strategies, and management by objectives approach have been a stabilizing force in our development and growth.

I would encourage any club looking for a  sytematic approach to success to inquire about all of the offerings of CMS.



Sharon Sporman

Executive Director, Omni 41 Health and Fitness Connection


We own 5 golf course country clubs and wanted to add fitness to the mix.  We hired CMS to consult to us for the Maple Creek Athletic and Golf club and told them if we saw improvement that we would then add the rest of the clubs to their consultancy.

We are so pleased with the results that we not only added the other 4 golf clubs to the CMS family, we asked our CMS Consultants to help us set up a free standing 24 hour key club!



Rick and Linda Farrant

Lake Perry Country Club


We began with our CMS consultant approximately 1 year before opening our first fitness only club. Thankfully with his guidance, we were able to open the doors with a good base of members and have some operational systems in place that allowed us to grow as a company. With their systems we were able to hold on to good staff, make the transition from being a prospect to being a happy member, understand the financial make up of our business and operate within appropriate guidelines in order to make ourselves profitable in due time. I honestly don’t know if we would have made it without the knowledge and training we received from CMS. Over the years I was so impressed with the impact that CMS can have on a club in a very competitive market that I decided to begin helping other clubs as a CMS Consultant myself. The system works when you just keep it simple,
listen and execute!



Mike Deigan

Consultant, CMS Southern California


We have been clients of CMS for over 8 years. During that time FitClub has grown from 1 club with 3500 members to 4 clubs with a total of 14,600 members. CMS’s management tools, support and hands on training helped us turn our vision into reality. We simply could not have accomplished it all without the CMS system. CMS really is “the system that works.



Kevin W. Imhoff

President, FitClub


The Jackson Hole Athletic Club couldn’t be successful without the help of CMS and the CMS Systems. By implementing and adhering to the CMS systems we have made our club a more efficient and desirable place for both our members and employees to be. Since becoming a client of CMS the Jackson Hole Athletic Club has increased sales and revenues three fold, thanks to the knowledge and proven methods that CMS provides. Most importantly, CMS provides the teaching, training, and accountability that our club needs in order to provide a higher level of service to each and every person that walks through the doors of our club.



Zach Bumgarner

Jackson Hole Athletic Club