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Dear Independent Fitness Club Owner-Manager,

Here are the  ANSWERS to your Health Club, Fitness Center, or Gym  Problems.

  1. You are probably working IN your health club, fitness center, or gym, not ON THE BUSINESS of it. In order to reach maximum profit It’s time for you to start doing HIGH LEVERAGE AND PROFITABLE WORK at your health club, fitness center, or gym today! STOP WASTING TIME………..
  2. You are NOT being PROACTIVE but rather REACTIVE to the everyday, every minute ebb and flow of your health club, fitness center, or gym. DO IMPORTANT MONEY MAKING THINGS for your health club, fitness center, or gym… START TODAY………
  3. You don’t have a BULLETPROOF PLAN or SYSTEM by which to run you health club, fitness center or gym. To reach maximum profit YOU MUST manage your health club, fitness center, or gym with a PROVEN TIME-TESTED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. To drive sales through the roof, create remarkable service, develop excited employees, and reach maximum profit ……SYSTEMATIZE NOW


Here is how to create a new look health club, fitness center or gym and a new day for you:

Adopt an attitude that stresses efficiency, accountability, effectiveness and results…

This will be done through focusing on

The Four CMS Solutions for Success

  • Education
  • Systems
  • Networking
  • Guidance

We have a few FREE GIFTS to help you get started on the path to success for your health club, fitness center or gym.

We’ll start you off with the Complete Five-Part  Club Management Series including

  • 101 Powerful Secrets for increasing membership sales
  • 62 Energy Conservation Tips to save $$$$$$
  • 99 Great Prospecting Tips for increasing membership sales
  • 7 Laws of Profitable Club Management – critical guidelines to managing a profitable club
  • 12 Points of Light – A system to increase your professional productivity and club profitability.

You will also receive a FREE ONE-HOUR CONSULTATION with one of the best club consultants in the world. A certified and professional CMS consultant personally trained by Mike Chaet himself.

This one-hour online consultation will focus on YOUR CLUB’S KEY SPECIFIC NEEDS AND ISSUES.

I GUARANTEE that you will get at least THREE TIPS during this session that you will be able to use immediately at your health club, fitness center, or gym.

Whether you are developing a NEW health club, fitness center, or gym, or, have an EXISTING health club, fitness center, or gym, this one single hour with a professional consultant is priceless.

Start Improving Today

So to move from just surviving to becoming a THRIVING HEALTH CLUB, FITNESS CENTER, OR GYM.

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To your success!

Mark Davis
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Success Tips for Fitness Club Owners & Managers 


Proper Positioning Is The Key To Success–
The greater differentiation you can create between the competition and yourself, the greater chance you’re going to get the attention of the customer. That’s usually done through improved service.

Attend To The Fundamentals First —
The most important sales you make are repeat sales to the same person. The fact you develop a strong relationship with the customer, who is a member, will make that repeat sale easier because you’re giving him or her a greater value than what they’re paying for. That’s the relationship. Developing the relationship will provide the repeat sales on an ongoing basis in the form of referrals.
Create Volunteer Spokespersons —
Your goal as a health club or fitness club owner is to provide the “knockdown drag out outstanding experience” everyone needs to move as many people as possible into the volunteer spokesperson category. Your members should be the central focus of your business because only then will they become the central focus of your marketing program.
The 3Rs of Business Development —
You will be successful by focusing on three things:

  1. Repeat sales
  2. Referrals
  3. Relationship 


John McCarthy“There isn’t a club in the world that wouldn’t benefit from being a CMS client.”

John McCarthy,
Past IHRSA Executive Director

John Urmston“There are times that we all need help with business goals. It is reassuring when our advice comes from an expert that makes a living in our field. CMS is dedicated to improving the business lives of Independent Clubs in the Fitness Industry. For CMS success for Independent Clubs is their business and they are dedicated to succeeding.”

John Urmston,
CEO S & F Insurance

David Hardy“CLUBFIT has been a loyal CMS client since 2002. The fitness business is a complicated industry – CMS has the systems to separate those clubs who are successful from those who are not. We have adopted the CMS system in our organization with outstanding results.”

David Hardy
President, CLUBFIT (Edmonton, AB),
President, Fitness Industry Council of Canada,


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