Low cost gyms affecting your sales team production? 

Your club is worth every penny of your dues.  Take a look at what John McCarthy, former Executive Director of IHRSA has to say.

“The industry offers a distinctive value proposition. Staying healthy and lean, and looking          
and feeling one’s best, as well as managing stress, depression, etc., are values that
most Americans prize highly. Not only does the health club industry directly address
these high priority values, it does so—on a comparative basis—for relatively modest
In essence, it often costs less to be a member of most health clubs for a month than it
does for a couple to have a single meal at a restaurant. It costs less to be a health club
member for a month than it costs for one-night hotel stay. On a per-visit basis, a health
club membership is a better buy than a night at the movies, an evening at a concert, a
trip to a baseball game, a spa treatment, or even an appointment with a hair stylist.”

      IHRSA Health Club Business Handbook:
      The Ultimate Investor and Operator Guide to Gyms, Studios and Fitness Centers
       by John McCarthy

Have your sales team pick some of these key words and phrases and slip them into your sales presentation, preferably before the member asks how much does it cost. The key is to use a planned presentation that overcomes objections before they come up.  If you don’t know how, call us.  We can help.