Technogym survey results suggest that Millennial health club desires are fueled by technology, personalization, entertainment, and the efficient use of time and data.

The Technogym survey also sought to examine Millennials’ biggest barriers to exercise, which were identified as being too busy (50 percent), the high cost of gym membership (40 percent) and lack of motivation (35 percent).

“I think they are looking for faster, more time-efficient workouts and programs,” said Mark Miller, CEO of Merritt Athletic Clubs, Baltimore, Maryland. “Clubs need to have Wi-Fi for this generation. They demand it because it’s their lifestyle – always connected.”

New technology that allows virtual communication with trainers, gamification and competition can help Millennial exercisers feel more motivated and give them the freedom to work out on their own schedules.

“We need to get out of the old mindset and thinking and embrace what may be in 10 years. Remember that the generations behind this will be even more impactful, as they are being raised by Millennials, and they will be completely data and technology driven.”

Source: Millennial Member Trends Signal the Future of Health Club Operations