raise the barWe would like to share an email that one of our new clients, Danielle Kappler-Sales Manager of Gold’s Gym Phillipsburg recently sent to her staff:

“For us to “raise the bar” and make more money it is mandatory that we fill an entire call sheet during our shift. We agreed after our meeting with Mark (Mark Davis, CMS), that we would make 5 more contacts than we normally do each day. Everyone you reach out to, including new contacts, should be listed on this sheet. Some ideas:

-Walking the mall, introducing yourself to the stores, engaging with mall employees and customers, hand out balloons and 7 day passes.
-Community outreach: visit companies and give out passes, leave post cards
-Send a group message to your facebook friends
-Ask members for names & phone numbers
-Make announcements in classes

A little motivation in regards to this:
Yesterday Jake and I went to Manhattan bagel for breakfast, as we paid, I introduced myself and asked if he knew about the new gym in town. He said yes and wanted to try it. I said, its your lucky day I have some free passes in my wallet, do you mind if I leave some on your counter for you & your customers and in return I will hand out some of your coupons at the club. He was so excited he even gave me a free muffin, LOL .

Later that day I got my hair done-I talked about the gym almost the entire time. The girl probably wanted to cut my hair off! An hour later she was in the gym for the first time and bought tanning! Now that she has her foot in the door I can try and get her to utilize more than just the tanning!

Always keep passes in your purse or car, you never know when you can use it to your advantage and gain a new contact! I would like us all to share a “new contact story” with each other everyday. This will keep us motivated and give each other new ideas to build our clientele! Cant wait to hear yours! ”  The next Monday, their team sold 30 memberships.  Nice job Danielle!

Please add your comments about your team’s efforts to “raise the bar” so that all may benefit. Call me if your would like to work with your staff on raising the bar. Mark Davis, 801-390-3726