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The 4-Step Process for Improving Sales

Step 1:     Department Analysis

Place your membership sales procedures under close scrutiny and take an objective and detailed look at what’s happening. This current self-evaluation should be done in writing. Break your sales process down into functioning units and analyze their productivity, efficiency, professionalism, and general overall effectiveness… and so on, until each and every facet of your sales process has been examined under a managerial microscope.

Step 2:     Identify The Weaknesses

Once you’ve analyzed your club sales process in this manner, it’s then necessary to identify all areas that need improvement. Do this objectively; get outside opinions; hold brainstorming sessions. Don’t leave out any possible areas that could use improvement including such detailed items as work habits and and communica- tion channels, as well as the obvious items like sales training and closing ratios.

Step 3: Create A Plan

Once you’ve identified opportunities for improvement, you  must develop a formalized plan of action. This plan of action will detail:

  1. The expected results (objectives & purposes).
  2. The time
  3. Who will carry out the
  4. Guidelines for
  5. Resources available and those needed to get the job


Step 4:      Implement and Monitor Your Plan

Set your plan in motion. The job of sales management is to motivate your staff, act as coach and resource person, and, in many cases, persuade. Help your staff monitor their progress in segments— “sub-goals” moving toward the larger goal. Most of all, even though you’ll provide the systems, let them do their job.  We will also be glad to help, its what we do.