Here are some great recommendations for you and your sales team for the coming year.  Even if you don’t read the books, read the article.  You will learn a lot just by reading the summaries of each book.  For example, here are two books that apply to your business as a whole, not just sales and marketing

“Be Obsessed or Be Average”

Author: Grant Cardone

Why It’s Worth Reading: Occasionally I find a book that’s good enough to land into two categories. Cardone’s most recent book qualified as both a great motivational book and a great sales guide. Fun read!

Best Quote: “When you become unapologetically obsessed, as I am, you’ll be at your very best: hyperfocused, persistent beyond understanding, creative to the point of appearing magical, and with an insatiable determination to win that not only attracts great talent but also brings out the best in others. This level of obsession doesn’t mean you are selfish or self-centered; it means that you’re finally operating at the levels you are always meant to and that you can pull others around you up to their full potential and possibilities.”

Hug Your Haters

Subtitle: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers

Author: Jay Baer

Why It’s Worth Reading: The advent of customer review sites has turned customer satisfaction into a spectator sport. Most companies have no clue whatsoever how to deal with complaints that go public. I might note that a friend of mine whose family owns a huge furniture store increased storewide sales by 20% by answering Yelp reviews as recommended in this book.

Best Quote: “Answering complaints increases customer advocacy across all customer service channels. The effect is present and every venue where you interact with customers. If you answer complaints anywhere, it increases advocacy. It takes a bad situation and makes it better. Conversely, not answering complaints decreases customer advocacy across all customer service channels. The negative effect of staying silent is also universal. When you don’t answer complaints–even in venues where lack of response is more common (like online review sites)–customer advocacy decreases. It takes a bad situation and makes it worse.”

Check out the article for more insights, read a few books to improve your own business acumen and maybe improve your bottom line.

Source: The Best Sales and Marketing Books of 2016