So—Who is Handling your SALES PROCESS?
Who handles your membership sales? Who performs your follow- up procedures? Let’s look at the
typical process it might take to sell a person a membership at your club, given the fact they’ve
already expressed some interest.

A typical membership sale may proceed in the following manner:

1. Person sees an ad.
2. Call the club or goes to website for information
3. Information provided; person is now a prospect.
4. Prospect accepts invitation to visit.
5. Takes tour; goes home without buying.
6. Membership coordinator calls prospect to convince them to return.
7. A difficult job, but the membership coordinator succeeds.
8. Prospect cancels appointment.
9. Membership coordinator calls and reschedules appointment.
10. Prospect comes in for a free workout.
11. Membership coordinator sells now, or loses prospect.

You must again ask yourself: Who is doing this in my club?
Who handles sales at my club.

Is it YOUR front desk staff who:
1. Aren’t trained to sell?
2. Are too busy handling routine front desk operations?

Is it YOUR club manager who:

1. Isn’t available because of meetings?
2. Is too busy with other matters to provide the prospect with proper attention?

Is it YOUR professionally-trained membership coordinator who:
1. Is trained to handle the job?
2. Is paid to constantly increase new membership production?
3. Has little to do with his or her time except sell memberships?

How much money are you wasting from this mishandling?
Do you really know?

If you’ve answered these questions honestly, you may find that your club is not as efficient as it
should be—or as you thought. Let’s look at other businesses for the possible solution.

Q: Who sells IBM computers?  A: Professional IBM salespeople.

Q: Who recruits for the U.S. Navy?   A: Professional Navy recruiters.
Q: Who sells vacuum cleaners?   A: Professional vacuum cleaner salespeople.

Q: Who recruits students for universities?  A: Professional recruiters.

You see the point. Does your program stack up against other
businesses? If not, it’s probably time to do something about it.
Club membership sales should be handled in a professional manner
just as other businesses handle their sales in a professional

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